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Best Gynecomastia surgery in New delhi , India

Compare our Surgical technique with best Male best reduction clinics in India , US , Canada, Australia , UK , Dubai , Europe

100 % awake anesthesia – You are 100 % awake during surgery . You can talk with doctor normally during your surgery. You can see the result yourself during the surgery. You can tell doctor to modify shape if you are not satisfied during the surgery itself. Our anesthesia approach only numbs your breast skin, fat and gland. It does not sedate you or affect your body muscles. Its safest approach.  We use no General anesthesia or sleep pills or drugs. You are completely in your senses with no risk. There are many clinics who claim awake anesthesia but give you sedatives and force you to stay for 3 – 4 hrs in clinic so that they can monitor side effects of sedatives or general anesthesia drugs.

Leave clinic in 30 mins after surgery – You can come alone for surgery and leave within 30 mins of surgery. Because we don’t use any sedative or general anesthesia drugs and our approach is safest available option in current era . You can leave clinic after 30 mins (half hour ) of your surgery

Join office after 24 hrs of surgery – You can join your office after 24 hrs of surgery . See the video testimonials from both indian and international patients to know their experience after gynecomastia surgery at AKESO

No Drainage tubes – No risk of severe bleeding – Our surgical technique is safest .

No bad scars – No scar if liposuction is sufficient to remove gynecomastia. If gland removal is required then we give you only 1/4 to 1/3 of scar in length compare to normal surgeons. This scars also gets invisible within 6 months – 1 year in 90 % patients.

Done by internationally trained plastic surgeon– Surgery done by Dr Akhilesh jangid .He is plastic surgeon trained in india and UK . He has international experience of dealing these cases. You can see video testimonials for him on this website both from international and national patients

Affordable cost – It is depending on size of your gynecomastia. We provide you Affordable cost.


See the amazing transformations people have got after Gynecomastia at AKESO.

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Surgical technique

At AKESO , Dr Akhilesh Jangid do all male breast reduction surgeries under awake anesthesia.


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Akeso Vs Others

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About the doctor

Dr. Akhilesh Jangid is a highly qualified competent plastic surgeon who has got training in various aspects of plastic surgery from India and abroad. He has done MBBS from Institute of Medical Sciences, BHU. After that he persued 3 years post graduation training in general surgery and various other specialties from Institute of Medical Sciences , BHU and obtained his Masters in General Surgery degree (M.S. in General Surgery) . After completion of M.S. , he has undergone 3 years training in Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery from S.M.S. Medical College, Jaipur and obtained M.Ch. in Plastic Surgery Degree.

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